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Your benefit is our mission!

european institute for service quality, or eisq for short, is your specialised management consultancy for operational excellence. Our clients excel in the management of innovative services, in the highly effective taxation of service providers as well as in the provision of outstanding services.

Service provider managementĀ 

Manage your service providers more effectively and with less effort. Acquire your test mark as 'Operational Vendor Manager with TƜV RheinlandĀ® certified qualification'.


Earn money with new innovative services and win customers profitably by using our know-how.

Quality managementĀ 

Achieve maximum cost efficiency through our scientifically sound methodology. Minimise deviation and waste.

Perfect project managementĀ 

Celebrate outstanding project successes with our proven approach.

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eisq - Reliably at your side

Sovereign, successful, reliable, cooperative - What do these terms have in common? As a customer-centred outsourcing consultancy in Osnabruck, eisq has distinguished itself with these qualities for years. eisq is your competent partner when it comes to service provider management and operational excellence. Celebrate outstanding project successes with us.

Our comprehensive industry expertise

Success through consistent specialization

A large number of successful companies from a wide range of industries already rely on the excellent service provided by eisq because eisq is your competent contact partner and is there to help you.

Find out more about our industry expertise in the following: Healthcare, energy management (utilities) and supply and waste management companies, telecommunications and e-commerce. Also read with whom eisq has workedsuccessfully to this day.