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Entertain your audience with a brilliant speech

  • What does a brilliant speaker inspire to?
  • How do you entertain your audience with useful, sound and at the same time entertaining speeches?


You receive tested quality. Bernhard Gandolf has a Toastmaster qualification as an Advanced Communicator Gold.

Highly valued and booked by:

  • institutions
  • fair and congress organisers
  • companies
  • associations
  • trade associations

Experience your impulse in English or German.

Which proven speech suits your audience best?

Select your presentation time between 15 and 120 minutes. Multimedia or free - just as your location determines.

Proven speeches are titled (most recent first):

  • Customer Centricity pays off - Customers still do not pay for accessibility
  • Avoiding 3 typical stumbling blocks in agile projects
  • 6 of 10 fail - Prepare your Organization for Vendor Management - 2 Success Stories
  • Success is the best way to secure your existence: What is the all-important factor in complaint management?
  • A service provider ≠ servant
  • You have a service provider for that?!
  • What happened here? We waited 30 min. No service!
  • Really strange!
  • Kandahar
  • Red sharpeners, white cups

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