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Achieve maximum cost efficiency with operational excellence!

Do the right thing right! Deviations are wasteful. Work with maximum cost efficiency. eisq is your specialised consultancy for operational excellence in service management. Here you get the competent solution for your topics.

  • How do we get optimal control transparency for informed decisions?
  • How do we successfully tiecustomers to our company?
  • What contribution does our unit really make to the company's success?
  • How can we produce services in the most cost-effective way?
  • Which quality management system is right for us?

Your 2 offers on cost efficiency

Standardization Manual

Our sound service definition

Services are intangible. At the moment of performance, success is decisive. Wherever these intangible services are provided by differentpersons, it is advisable to define them as precisely as possible. After all, each person usually works as he or she thinks is right. Deviations occur as a resultof this.

The scientifically based eisq methodology6 dimensions for a qualitative description - will help you!

Touch point consistency check

Earn money with services

Are you sending everyone the right message about what your company stands for? Potential, actual and former stakeholders (such as customers, suppliers, employees, government representatives, lobbyists, journalists or investors) interact with your company every day. The roles change constantly.

With our consistency check, you increase your efficiencyget a sound decision basis as well as more success and more benefits!