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With eisq you are well advised!

To you, doing the right thing right means: ⇑ Cost efficiency, ⇑ Customer loyalty, ⇑ Employee satisfaction and ⇑ Service quality! In short: you work operational excellence.

eisq deals with all customer-related services in a scientifically well-founded manner. The focus is on the entire customer lifecycle, from the acquisition of new customers to retention and service to reacquisition. So that you receive the recognition you are due, we work:

  • precisely – your project refinances itself.
  • quickly – your results have an immediate effect.
  • in a manner tailored to you – your benefit is our mission.

Our consulting services at a glance


The outsourcing of corporate tasks takes place in all areas. The whole range of the alphabet is not sufficient to list all outsourced services:

Billing, accounting, clearing, receivables management, IT, personnel administration, customer service, travel management, press support, metering act as examples here.

eisq ensures that you optimise the yield of your outsourcing and celebrate success.

Cost effiency

Do the right thing right! Deviations are wasteful. Work with maximum cost efficiency. eisq is your specialised consultancy for operational excellence in service management. Here you get the competent solution for your topics.

  • How do we get optimal control transparency for informed decisions?
  • How do we successfully tiecustomers to our company?
  • What contribution does our unit really make to the company's success?
  • How can we produce services in the most cost-effective way?
  • Which quality management system is right for us?

Digitalisation and Innovation

Inspire new customers for your company and earn money! eisq provides you with well-founded answers to questions such as:

  • How do we turn our cost centre into a profit centre?
  • With which innovations in service can we deliver real added value?
  • What benefits should we offer our customers tomorrow?
  • How do we find out what our customers really need?
  • How much can we really earn? How high is the degree of potential exploitation?