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Managed Outsourcing by eisq

Benefit from the Vendor Management 2.0 methodology.

We are currently revising this area so that you receive the perfect solution more quickly.

eisq deals with all customer-related services in a scientifically well-founded manner. The focus is on the entire customer lifecycle, from the acquisition of new customers to retention and service to reacquisition. So that you receive the recognition you are due, we work:

Learn more about shortly:

  • Ongoing quality and performance management - achieving scientifically sound service quality with minimal effort.
  • Ongoing risk management - maintaining secure operations, stable business
  • Continuous innovation management - managing progress
  • Continuous requirements/demand management - shaping change
  • Practical invoice verification/ongoing contract management - working correctly
  • Support vendor relations management in an innovative way

Our range for Managed Outsourcing by eisq