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Studies on the topic of outsourcing provide the same result. Only a minority of subcontracts are classified as 'successful' by clients.

  • What value do we really get for our budget?
  • How do we successfully integrate our service providers rather than our service providers integrating us?
  • How can the relationship with our service provider be healed?
  • How high should our management workload be?
  • How do we empower our employees to successfully manage our service providers?

So that you get

  • more quality,
  • more results,
  • more commitment,
  • more satisfaction

for your outsourcing budget, 

we analyse

  • your contract,
  • your measuring instruments,
  • your management.

You get

  • concrete recommendations for action,
  • quantified measures/potentials,
  • practical tools.

Your advantage at a fixed price - refinancing guaranteed!

Know how to do it! - Manage service providers correctly

So you know you're on the right track here. Clients ask your consultancy these 5 typical questions about vendor management.

Your 3 series of tips to manage service providers more efficiently

Design more successful pitches

  • Optimally arrange appointments with your service providers and vendors


  • So that you only pay what you really get

Effective bonus/penalty systems

  • Achieve more effectiveness and better results with performance incentives
Bernhard Gandolf

Managing Director and Certified Management Consultant

Managing Director and Certified Management Consultant
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