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Mitigate crisis

Crises are piling up. Corona, climate, war, energy shock, inflation in order to name five. This means to us adapting more flexibly and quickly to new situations. This individual coping with life is not easy for a large number of people. Many feel a loss of control or being unfair treated.


Don't be surprised. Think about your customers' problems. Togehter you will master more.

Effects using the example of customer service

Rapidly increasing living costs lead to payment difficulties for customers (private and business). Bankruptcies are increasing. This may lead to those affected feeling helpless and at the mercy of others. Customer contacts are becoming more aggressive.

In customer service there are consequences like these:

  • The stress level of the employees shoots to unimagined heights.
  • Fluctuation is increasing.
  • The customer contact volume is increasing and is shifting to the (more expensive) written area.
  • Outstanding debts grow.
  • More and more customers are agreeing to pay in installments.
  • The stop or blocking of services is growing.
  • Debt collection is booming.
  • At the same time, the image of brands and companies suffers.

Our promise of performance for you:

Reduce conflicts

Preparing instead of overburdening relieves employees. This reduces automatically conflicts.

Retain customers

Those who experience help are more likely to remain.

Reduce overall costs

Less conflicts, less wirtten follow-ups, less outstanding debts, less collection, ... your overall costs will be reduced for sure!

Strenghten your organization

With the help of our programm you will strenghten yourself and your organization: better posture, more competent action, more confident reactions.

Mitigate the crisis with 8 proven steps

What works in many aereas of life also helps in times of crisis.


Think of patient support programmes, especially for life-threatening diseases such as cancer, debtor help, psychosocial emergency care or competitive sports. Thanks to proven concepts, even such existnetial crises are beeing mitigated. Read 8 useful steps so that you too can use proven concepts to strengthen your organization and skills.

Acquire this knowldege.

Step 1: Warm up

Just like sports, warming up makes you feel better, perform better and helps preventing injury.

Warm up and stretch for collaboration

Your consultants will prepare a virtual or persnal kick-off appointment for this purpose.

Togehter we determine:

What do you need to achieve by when? How do we measure success? Who do you need to involve? What resources are available? ...

Good to know:

  • Thanks to the questions, there is even more clarity. Your first result.
  • You will also recieve a handy project checklist. This meas that you can easily add other people at any time.

Warm up for the project

Let's take a look at the customer journeys and the touchpoints in your company. It is especially important to prepare your team and your processes for these. Goals: In future your organization will act in a more controlled manner at the contact points. Your team will create professional solutions more confidently.

eisq trust in the proven method PreConPro©. Pre is the abbreviation of Prepared, Controlled and Professional.

Look at the example energy price shock

Consumers who do not know how to pay the bill often react eiter in an

  • angry or aggressive way.

Or they

  • try to suppress to problem.

Both should be regarded to be overwhelmed or helpless.

Prepared managers, service representatives help consumers to embrace the 'energy price shock' situation.

Because if you accept a situation, it will be easier to think of a solution - together.

The identified solution must be implemented together in a professional manner. This means adapting the right process and walking together.

This concept has proven itself thousands of times in other areas of life. It is often called psychosocial competence.

eisq creates the awarenees of these setting in your company when warming up togehter. 

Help your customers and you will help yourself.