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We are your reliable partner for companies in the energy industry

Liberalisation, unbundling, the energy turnaround – concepts like these demonstrate the rapid transformation of former monopoly structures. This presents eisq clients with the challenge of working faster and more efficiently in their core business while at the same time changing their perspective from the point of purchase to the customer. Communication, billing, measurement and sales services need to be optimised, but at the same time operated as economically as possible.

More and more services are outsourced or transferred to group-owned service companies. This prompts executives to ask new questions:

  • Should we outsource customer support, billing, metrology, reading, sales support (internally)? How do we find the partner that best suits us?
  • How can we, in the context of a contract, make our objectives those of our service providers?
  • How do we ensure that we successfully deliver our services?
  • What quality of service do we receive for our money?
  • How can we manage service quality successfully?

eisq's expertise covers the following topics:

  • Supporting and ensuring successful outsourcing of end customer support
  • Introduction, optimisation and control of service organisations
  • Introduction, optimisation and control of service providers
  • Service benchmarking
  • Analysis and design of sales and service concepts
  • Optimising the control of billing organisations

Clients from these areas trust eisq:

  • Reading
  • Billing
  • Energy distribution
  • Power supply
  • Measurement
  • Disposal
  • Supply

How do you find the right partner? - With eisq!

  • How do you optimise your tender?
  • Who fits your team best?
  • What should be covered by the contract? How do you anchor reporting processes and co.?
  • How do you make your goals the goals of the service provider?
  • What does the service really cost? How can the calculation be taken apart?
  • How do you control?
  • ...

eisq knows the answer and only represents  your interests. Please contact us by phone: +49 541-580543-0 use a convenient, free Teams appointment or our contact form to get to know us.

We look forward to hearing from you!