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With eisq you are well advised!

For you, better outsourcing means: ⇑ cost efficiency, ⇑ customer loyalty, ⇑ employee satisfaction and ⇑ service quality! In short, they work excellently in operational terms.
Good to know:
Thanks to the scientifically based Vendor Management 2.0 methodology, you get better results in outsourcing.
According to studies by Fraunhofer IAO, the University of Bayreuth and various management consultancies, over 50% of all outsourcing contracts in Germany fail to achieve the previously set goals!


eisq takes care of all customer-related outsourced services in a scientifically sound manner. The focus is on the entire customer life cycle. From the acquisition of new customers, through retention and support, to winning them back. To ensure that you receive the recognition you deserve, we work:

  • precise - your project refinances itself.
  • fast - your results have an immediate impact.
  • individual - your benefit is our mission.

Vendor Management 2.0

1 Nobelpreisträger und 2 Wirtschaftswissenschaftler

In 1972, on 4 August, Nobel Prize winner Prof. Philip Warren Anderson published 'More is different'. In the work he explains how more or less of something is merely an auxiliary dimension of quality. He explains this with examples from life, physics and services. The English word service means service or service.

If you think his thought through to the end, it means that if you keep an eye on all aspects of a service, you get better results. Nevertheless, too many companies today still manage primarily according to quantity.

So much for the Nobel Prize winner.

With the Balanced Scorecard(BSC), the two economists Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norten created an unrivalled procedural concept for companies and their management. The concept transfers the knowledge of holistic thinking to holistic thinking in the company. For this purpose, companies formulate goals and key figures with which they measure the achievement of the goals. Companies assign the goals to different perspectives/dimensions.

Extra-Info on KPIs:

Kaplan and Norten call the key figures for the individual perspectives of the Balanced Scorecard Key Performance Indicators. The term KPI has become an integral part of modern business.

In the classic Balanced Scorecard, there are these four perspectives together with the corresponding KPIs:

  • Finance
  • Customer
  • Processes
  • Potentials

Today there are numerous adaptations.

  • The Project Scorecard as a management concept for strategic projects.
  • The Public Value Scorecard as an extension of the BSC to include social opportunities and risks in the corporate environment.
  • The Sustainability Balanced Scorecard with the addition of environmental aspects to the BSC.

Our Quality Scorecard

The practical tool to manage your service providers holistically

The Quality Scorecard (QSC) is your holistic system of key performance indicators. You keep an eye on all aspects. You weigh up which points are important for you, your company and your customers and how. In this way, you set guidelines for your service provider.

If you measure regularly, you will know where your outsourcing service provider stands on the basis of the QSC.

QSC stands for Quality Scorecard. Similar to the principle of the Balanced Scorecard, with the Quality Scorecard you control the quality of the service. The QSC helps you to record your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) holistically. Holistic means that you look at all dimensions/aspects of your service providers and your services.

Think holistically in terms of services. These 6 aspects by Prof. Anderson will help you in any order.

  1. Content - How accurate is what your service provider does? For example, are the answers correct? 
  2. Processes - How well does your service provider act? Does he follow the processes? How well does he use the systems?
  3. Communication - What about communication aspects? How friendly?
  4. Customer - What is the feedback from end customers? How satisfied are they?
  5. Financial - What does your service provider cost? What does your service provider bring in? This is typically transaction costs or sales.
  6. Quantity - The easiest aspect to measure. How often? How long? ....

 These 6 aspects define quality in services.

Our outsourcing services at a glance

Effectively manage service providers

The outsourcing of corporate tasks takes place in all areas. The whole range of the alphabet is not sufficient to list all outsourced services:

Billing, accounting, clearing, receivables management, IT, personnel administration, customer service, travel management, press support, metering act as examples here.

eisq ensures that you optimise the yield of your outsourcing and celebrate success.

Search and selection of a Service Provider

eisq has already accompanied over 100 tenders. With us at your side, you will receive overviews on how to:

  • ... select the best partner.
  • ... define your interests contractually.
  • ... maintain your relationship with the service provider.
  • ... maximise your profit.

Nearshore - Call Centers in Europe/EMEA

Celebrate more successes in the nearshore sector with us. You get an overview of the countries in which service providers offer a German-language service.

  • You see where it is cost-effective.
  • You know where GDPR applies and where not.
  • You get an overview of the stability of the location.
  • You learn which nearshore trends exist in which countries.