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Make money with services (instead of burning it)!

Are you sending everyone the right message about what your company stands for?

Potential, actual and former stakeholders (such as customers, suppliers, employees, government representatives, lobbyists, journalists or investors)interact with your company every day. The roles change. A supplier may also be a customer or a potential employee. Stakeholders act as both positive and negative multipliers.


  • How consistent do your target groups find your strategic messages (claims), such as 'Trust connects' or 'There for you!'?
  • How well are your touch pointsaligned and where do they contradict each other?
  • Which potentials can you easily use and make money with?
  • How much money do you burn and where per year without knowing it?

Your result of our consistency check

  • Increased efficiency: Generate more revenue.
  • Sound basis for decision-making: You can thus raise the valuable potentials and remedy grievances with a fixed effort.
  • More success and more benefit: Stakeholder loyalty and payback in no time!

Your security at a fixed price

  • eisq analyses for you on site 5 touch points from the perspective of 3 stakeholders (partially concealed tests), evaluates, derives the management requirements and presents concrete and projected solutions.