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With eisq you are well advised!

To you, doing the right thing right means: ⇑ Cost efficiency, ⇑ Customer loyalty, ⇑ Employee satisfaction and ⇑ Service quality! In short: you work operational excellence.

eisq deals with all customer-related services in a scientifically well-founded manner. The focus is on the entire customer lifecycle, from the acquisition of new customers to retention and service to reacquisition. So that you receive the recognition you are due, we work:

  • precisely – your project refinances itself.
  • quickly – your results have an immediate effect.
  • in a manner tailored to you – your benefit is our mission.

Search and selection at a glance

Nearshore - Call Centers in Europe/EMEA

Celebrate more successes in the nearshore sector with us. You will receive an overview of the countries in which service providers offer German-language services.

  • You see where it is cost-effective.
  • You know where GDPR applies and where not.
  • You get an overview of the stability of the location.
  • You learn which nearshore trends exist in which countries.