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Because done is not necessarily well done!

Clients of services know the problem only too well.  Although your order was performed by the contractor, the quality of the execution leaves a lot to be desired.

Example of call centre practice:

In inbound, the service provider achieves good accessibility, but customers perceive the friendliness as moderate.

In outbound, the targeted net contact rates are available, but many data records have to be laboriously reworked due to missing entries and markings. Done is not the same as well done.

  • What is the most appropriate benefit-based remuneration for you?
  • What should you keep in mind so that your bonus/penalty system works optimally?
  • How do you ensure the economic relevance of your bonus/penalty system?

Your outstanding result:

Increased effectiveness

You increase the yield of your outsourcing through more effective control and remuneration.

Better manageability

You reduce the expense for billing and maximise the result of your activities in management.

More success

Functioning remuneration simultaneously increases your actual service!

Our performance promise

Refinancing guaranteed!

Your fixed price lead

For you, eisq identifies the bonus/penalty system that best suits you, your goals and your available resources.

You receive:
  • Your functioning bonus/penalty system!
  • Valuable tips and effective tricks in service provider management!
  • A springboard innovation that moves you forward!
Added values also include:
  • Verified contract texts and useful formulation aids.
  • Helpful mediation between you and your service providers in order to optimally protect your interests.
  • Practical support for the optimal use of your on-board resources.

29 useful tips for your bonus/penalty system

In operational practice, it becomes clear that a bonus/penalty system is often more complex than thought!

To ensure that your performance-orientated remuneration is right, read 29 useful tips.