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From the idea to success - 5 of 7

From the idea to success - 5 of 7

From the idea via the MVP (minimum viable product) to success with the help of a dedicated panel

Thanks to our 7 tips, you can create profitable new services even more securely.

For which situations is the procedure suitable?

  • You are dealing with new (digital) businessmodels.
  • You are planningnew digitalservices as a classic company.
  • You are expanding your portfolio with new digitalservices.

Part 1 is dedicated to the basics. Everything starts with good organisation: planning, outlining, arranging. The 2nd part deals with the synchronisation and development of questions. Now it's time for your own panel, to which you direct your questions in episode 3. In the previous part 4, you develop your minimum viable product, which you now present to your panel in part 5.



Fifth particularly critical step – Present your minimum viable product (MVP) to your panel

Practical support to define the MVP in advance:

  • your service/digital product is in the first stage of developmenttestable by customers.
  • It contains your planned essential function(s), which is/are aimed at the needs of the target group that you have previously identified - the minimum possible scope of the functions.

Present, inform, try


To test your MVP, select a first appropriate group from your panel. Think carefully about how you present your idea to these people. Depending on which form you choose, you may get different results. What do you think about these three of countless possibilities?

  • Do you choose the way via email and a link?
    For you, this represents a relatively low-effort path. Your courted users may only invest a moderate amount of attention and initiative in the test.
  • Do you present your MVP in a web demo, for example?
    Almost maximum attention of your selected candidates is yours. You provide an explanatory framework and place your product in your desired context – with the corresponding effort on your part.
  • Just unlock it as a new function for your selected persons, for example in the app, and see what happens? – Your users discover the new possibilities on their own. However, you can no longer place the MVP in an explanatory context, or only to a lesser extent. Your effort is within a manageable range.

Tip: Devote enough attention to how you present your product. It would be a great pity if the idea simply failed because of a lack of presentation.


Inform your panel how you wish to receive feedback and how it helps you at that stage.

Very important: It is a test.

Communicate this circumstance several times.

Why do we emphasise informing?

Imagine that you decide to activate in the app when presenting. Suppose you have 1,000 app users. 12 out of 15 selected persons now discover a new feature on the smartphones; three contact their customer service because something is different. The others are waiting to be notified by you.

You can see from the example that it is worth informing about how you hope to receive feedback. It is also worth informing why you require feedback: on what topic and what you need the feedback for.

Tip: Thanks to informing, the feedback also works!


Invite to try out just as you test with other groups step by step based on the answers.

Tip: Start with a small group and then get bigger. In many cases and situations, this approach fits.


Experimental values from your consultants:

Good to know:

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